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We offer an Energy Assessment foras an independant HERSII rater.

Leaky ducts, faulty insulation and problems with your A/C system can rob you of money and comfort at home. SMUD's new Home Performance Program mixes technology, building science and hard work to test your home’s performance. If you want to address problems, rebates up to $5,000, tax incentives and financing options are available through 2012 or until funding is gone.



For answers to financing questions directly related to the Home Performance program, check SMUD's FAQ here.

Home Performance Program:

Annual Energy Savings *
Rebate **
Possible Tax Incentives ***
Up to 20 %
$ 1,000
up to $ 1,500
* Savings and rebate potential
** Combined rebate from local utility and your local gas utility. Rebate levels are subject to change and availability is on a first come, first serve basis
*** Visit for information In partnership with SMUD Qualified Energy Professionals.

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Add Energy Efficiency For Savings
The high cost of energy is incentive

enough to make sure your home is

as energy efficient as it can be. Let

GMC check the effectiveness of your

insulation, windows and HVAC,

as well as show you ways to utilize

exterior elements for interior energy.




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