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We desire to enhance your life by providing high quality projects with hands-on service and minimal disruption to your family environment, building trust through communication and attention to detail. We have been in the business since 1990 and we have turned many customer's dreams into reality.


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The Best Solutions - Here are a few:

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1. Creatively Design Your Home To Fit Your Lifestyle
Add a patio deck or exercise room. Turn an ordinary family room into a media entertainment room. Convert your routine bedroom into a master suite. Remodeling makes your home a nicer place to live while you are there, and allows you to keep your family in their environment of friends, school, work and familiar shopping.

2. Update Your Home With New Amenities
Rejuvenate your home with fresh new touches for added style and convenience while maintaining the charm of an older home.  New kitchen cabinets, counter tops and flooring… a new look bathroom…  or architectural tiles and stones in the home all add a welcomed fresh appearance to your home.

3. Make Your Home More Functional
Add a room for a senior parent. Connect a private bath to a bedroom. Create a bonus room for teens to keep them at home. Or simply make unused space more functional. Life’s needs are always there and GMC can help you fulfill them.

4. Increase The Resale Value Of Your Home
Buyers do compare remodeled homes with those that are newly built.  So if you are looking to sell, making your home as appealing to potential buyers as it can be will get you a higher price. For example, a remodeled kitchen brings in 25% more than it’s cost, and a bath 30% more.

5. Repair Damaged Or Wearing Areas Of Your Home
Houses do wear down over time and need to be maintained for safety, appearance, and to retain their value. Deteriorating wood, a leaking roof, and cracked foundations typically need repair. Putting this off can lead to expensive mold remediation and structural repairs. Let GMC Contracting evaluate actual or potential trouble areas and give you a no-obligation estimate for repair.    

6. Incorporate A Home Office Addition
With one quarter of the country’s workforce working from an in-home office, this has become a popular area for remodeling the home. We can convert an existing room or build a new one to your exact specifications.

7. Add Energy Efficiency For Savings
The high cost of energy is incentive enough to make sure your home is as energy efficient as it can be. Let GMC check the effectiveness of your insulation, windows and HVAC, as well as show you ways to utilize exterior elements for interior energy.

8. Bring The Outdoors in For Added Light And Space
Add more space and natural brightness to your home with sliding doors, larger windows, skylights or window walls. It will dramatically open-up a room or area and also allow you to capture a desired view from the outdoors.

9. Elevate Your Home’s Market Value To Others In The Neighborhood
Remodeling is all around us because it is a cost-effective option to buying a new home. So anything you do to bring your home’s value up to the level of others is a worthy investment now and for the future.

GMC is a memeber of the BPI Institute, the US Green Building Council, and Build It Green Association & HERS Home perfomrance contractor.


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Every project is unique. When it is your home or business, we take pride in delivering the best craftsmanship.That’s why GMC Contracting offers delivery systems that are flexible and meet the needs of our clients. GMC Contracting has expertise in:

Construction Management
General Construction
Design-Build or Conventional Bid

Every project we construct receives the highest quality standard. We are singularly focused attention to detail. We understand intensely the value of a quality building delivered without delay.
We offer sensitivity to the needs of an owner and the requisite communication skills needed for success. As such, we are focused on listening, treating others with dignity and respect, being truthful, responding in a timely fashion and practicing safety.

Since its founding in 1990, GMC Contracting, Inc. has adhered to one primary principle – serving the needs of our customers and treating them fairly. This ethic has been paramount to our success, for indeed, our reputation for doing the right thing is the single biggest reason owners choose GMC Contracting.

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We at GMC, demonstrate a commitment to our clients by surpassing expectations on every job.  Our company has a long standing history of attracting the best and most talented people focused on pride and ownership of each job completed.  We are in business to ensure your success in the Ottawa construction industry.


At GMC Contracting, we put the extra effort into ensuring your complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves in producing quality workmanship. Let our experienced employees provide you with a detailed review of your architectural drawings and project outline. We take pride in project management to ensure the best possible timelines for your construction project.